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Pooh Things To Do…

Tens of thousands of people from all over the world flock to the Ashdown Forest and Hartfield every year to experience the 100 Acre Wood, play pooh sticks and visit Pooh Corner! But once you’ve done that (and in-between your return trip to Pooh Corner!) we suggest the following things to do on the Ashdown Forest

Please note that the Ashdown Forest now has parking fees for all the car parks on the forest. This is payable online or a an annual pass can be acquired here and equates to about £1.50 per week so excellent value for the regular visitor. 75{8a2dce4b218bbd7335c9f874e9cbd790a95b1890b356aa657b49a509d5dfeec8} of this helps to support the forest.

Pooh Sticks Bridge

The original bridge was built in 1907 and originally called Posingford Bridge. Local historians suggest it is the bridge on which Milne and Christoper Milne first played the game.

The bridge maintained the public’s interest and a campaign to rebuild it in the late seventies was considered important enough to feature on the BBC Nine O’Clock News. The bridge was subsequently reopened by Christopher Robin Milne and officially renamed as Poohsticks Bridge.

The site was so popular that in 1999 the East Sussex county council made an appeal to Disney as the old wooden bridge had been worn down by an overwhelming number of visitors. The company provided a substantial donation towards the estimated £30,000 needed to replace the bridge.

Partly rebuilt in 1979, the donations from Disney, building firms and members of the public funded its complete reconstruction. The newly built and modernised bridge retained its precursor’s original style.

Click here for more information on the game of Poohsticks.

The Pooh Walk

The Pooh Walks across the 100 Aker Wood are the perfect way to spend a day.

The walks will take you to some of the sites of Pooh’s adventure. The shorter walk takes in The Enchanted Place and the Sandy Pit and is suitable for younger children.

A longer walk descends to the North Pole and Eeyore’s Sad and Gloomy Place.

We sell a £1.00 guide map here at Pooh Corner, so we suggest you pop in before your walk and one of our tea can give you some directions. 

For more information about the area please visit Pooh Country for more detailed information on each of the Pooh sites.

Other things to do on the Ashdown Forest

Ashdown Forest Centre

Before embarking on exploring the Ashdown Forest, we think a trip to the centre is a must. Full of history, displays, maps and information, this free to enter centre is the perfect place to start your time in the forest.

Acting as the office for the Conservators of Ashdown Forest you’ll often find park rangers and staff able to answer many of your questions.

The Barn usually has an interesting exhibition on display and these can include works by local artists and photographers, crafts people and local historical societies.

Check the EVENTS PAGE for the latest news.

Bluebell Railway

A steam train ride on the Bluebell is an experience of a lifetime and kids of all ages love to experience the past with all the sights, sounds and smells of the vintage steamer.

The museum alone is a magical place.

We here at Pooh Corner think it’s a brilliant day out for the whole family. And best of all if you book early you can benefit from discounted tickets.

Find out more HERE.

The Pooh Country Code
  1. Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work.
  2. Take special care on Country Roads.
  3. Park considerately.
  4. Keep your dog on a lead or under close control.
  5. Keep to footpaths across farmland.
  6. Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls.
  7. Close and fasten gates behind you.
  8. Leave farm livestock, crops and machinery alone.
  9. Take your litter home with you.
  10. Do not start fires.
  11. Help to keep water clean.
  12. Make no unnecessary noise.
  13. Protect wildlife, plants and trees.
  14. Eat more honey.

On behalf of those of us who live in the forest and its surrounding areas. We will always welcome those who have a passion for the many outdoor activities, wildlife, scenery and of course, the stories of Winnie the Pooh.

We genuinely feel we are blessed to live in such a place and welcome anyone who shares any of the above passions. So please do visit us and the attractions. Enjoy them, share them, Appreciate them in all their glory. And then leave them as you found them for future visitors. 

Our sincere appreciation

The Pooh Corner Team

Cotchford Farm in Hartfield

Cotchford Farm

Please Note: Cotchford Farm, although being the original birthplace of Winnie the Pooh, is a private residence and should be considered to be off limits even for the most dedicated fan of Winnie the Pooh. We at Pooh Corner politely ask you to allow the owners their privacy and respect Cotchford Lane as a private road.

There is no public parking in Cotchford Lane itself, please Google ‘Pooh Bridge Car Park’ in Chuck Hatch Lane for the nearest spaces.