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Updated 13.6.22

1. Wheelchair Access

Access around the tea garden and tea room will allow us to accommodate most standard wheelchairs. However, due to the age and design of this 17th Century property, wheelchair access is not always possible as we do have a small drop of two steps down to the toilets, museum and shop. We suggest during peak times you contact us where we will go against our non-reservations policy and book a table with wheelchair access in mind. Our staff want to ensure your visit is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

2. Toilet Access

We have a toilet which requires access via two smalls steps. Sadly they are not wheelchair accessible due to the size of the space available and the age of the property.

3. Children

We want children to learn, engage and love Winnie the Pooh and his friends and we will do our best to make sure they are entertained during their visit. However, many of the items on display are not for play and we hope you as adults support us in ensuring that care and respect is given in the retail section. There is an area in the fireplace where all toys are there for play. Feel free to grab anything from this and enjoy these toys then return them at the end of your visit.

4. Baby Seats

We offer three baby seats for those eating in the tea room. During peak times these may all be used as are available on a first come first serve basis.

5. Baby Changing Facilities

Our new toilet facility offers a drop down baby changing unit. Please help us by ensure no nappies are placed into the toilet system as that could block or damage the toilet system rendering it unusable for other guests.

6. Dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome at Pooh Corner and all our staff receive disability awareness training. During peak times we suggest you contact us before arrival and inform us of your requirement to gain access with an Assistance dog.

All other dogs are welcome in the tea garden and we offer a dog bowl of fresh water for all our four legged friends. Small, clean and well behaved dogs are welcome in the tea room.

7. Staff

Sadly even at Pooh Corner we get some grumpy people. Verbal abuse of our staff will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave immediately should you not be on your best behaviour.

8. Smoking

We operate a non smoking policy on the premises which includes traditional cigarettes, Pipes and e-cigarettes. Thank you for supporting us by not smoking on the premises.

9. Future plans

The team at Pooh Corner are committed to making reasonable adjustments to our building over the next six months, This may mean at times during 2022 some access is limited to certain areas. However, we will, as is reasonably practicable try to ensure the disruption is minimal and does not affect your experience.

10. COVID-19 

To ensure all of our customers feel safe during their visit, we have sanitiser stations throughout the tearoom, shop and garden area. We regularly clean all surfaces, and ensure that all tables and chairs are sanitised before customers are seated. It is up to our customers to decide whether or not they they would like to wear a mask inside our shop and tearoom, all we ask is that you are respectful of our staff and other customers who may be near by.